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  Welcome to the low cost bicycles for sale website. Here you will find deals up to 40% less than those deals local dealer. Just because you want to buy cheap MTB bicycles does not mean you should be ripped off. Check out our discount prices on affordable mountain bikes Mongoose fat tire Trek Schwinn BMX 29er.

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I learned to ride when I was only seven. It was a used cheap Schwinn low cost MTB bicycle my father paid only $10 for. It was for sale in front of the plumbing store. It was a beach cruiser style girls with 26 inch fat tires and huge handlebars. I set the seat and bars as low as they would go. It was still so big that I would need to get a running start before I jumped on the seat as my feet could not touch the ground! If it was not for the Dallas Coyboys replica helmet my Mother would make me wear, I am sure I would have some brain damage. They did not make youth models for kids back then.

When I turned eleven, I got a brand new Chopper style Huffy cheap BMX bike for a Christmas present. It was so cool with the ape hangers and bananna seat. It snowed like crazy the night before, so Christmas morning there was about three inches on the ground. It was a real challenge riding in the snow with the wide cheater slick on the back. It was so much fun and this was the best Christmas I remember! Low cost fat tire MTB Having my own ride ment real freedom to me. I knew every street on the north side of San Angelo just like I had a map in my head. I did make some mods to it; like a seat from a 10 speed and handelbars from an old army style city cruiser. It was now ready for motocross racing! I bet my Huffy had 10,000 miles on it by the time it was passed down to my little child brother. Upright Piano Music Keyboard Dealer Store

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My favorite discount road bicycle was a green Raleigh with narrow 26 inch wheels and a 3 speed internal hub I think was made by Shimano or Bendix. It had the grip shifter and a small luggage rack on the back. I rode it to work and back home about 15 miles round trip every day. Believe it or not, it did not take much longer than driving a car. It was built like a tank too as it never failed. About every two months I would take it all apart and grease everything. I replaced any parts needed too. I remember seeing a model at Sears that was exactly the same as mine, but branded Allstate. I wish I could have this one back!

You could take the chance and build one yourself from scrap parts you find in a junk pile. I have done this in the past and ended up with a real watsit machine. Mongoose Cheap Fat Tire Bicycle.

I don't ride as much now as I would like to. My latest buy is a very pretty red and blue front suspension Trek mountain bike I got during a black friday sale after Thanksgiving from a local dealer. I am sure I paid less than the wholesale price for the Trek BMX Sport! I have only ridden it about 25 miles this year. I really wanted a Cannondale or top of the line Specialized fat tire with the aluminum frame and carbon fiber forks, but could not afford it. I also looked at the GT, Diamondback 29er, and Mongoose brands, but they didn't look as well built, even though they come with the Shimano 24 speed goodies and Suntour cranks. I know the Giant 29er, Fuji and Pacific models are made in China. Radio Flyer Child tricycle.

I guess the quality from China is pretty good now as they come with Shimano components and 21 speed or 24 speed gear-sets, but I wanted to stick with an American or European brand. I do understand they are making titanium frames and components in China now. Titanium is so trick and a little cheaper than carbon fiber. I thought about buying a titanium frame and building a Low Cost MTB from scratch. Check out the new awesome Nirve Cruisers ready for shipment!
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